What can we do for you?

Sales of Premium Cars

Do you want to buy a new car? AUTO SALÓN HESKETH specialises in the sales of premium brands. We maintain important agreements with various car brands and conduct personal assistant for you in the purchase of your new vehicle.

Sales Management of Pre-Owned Cars

Do you want to sell your car? AUTO SALÓN HESKETH can buy your car or sell it for you. We assess your vehicle and make a market conform offer. We manage the sale and processing of relevant documents whereby we always act in the interest of our client.

Import of Specific Car Brands

Are you looking for a specific car that you can not find on the market? We will help you find that special car. You don´t have to worry about performing the relevant procedures. We will manage quality, safety, transparency and professionalism.

Financial services

AUTO SALÓN HESKETH offers a wide range of financial options. We work with major financial institutions and may finance up to 100% of your car. Also, we have agreements with major insurance companies to make sure that you drive your car in comfort.

Car Storage

Worried about keeping your car in top form? AUTO SALÓN HESKETH provides you with a space to storage your car to ensure your investment is safe from outdoor damage. We store your cars at competitive prices whenever you need.

Car Maintenance

To ensure that your car is always in the best condition, our team can perform a complete check. In addition, we offer comprehensive services such as washing, interior and exterior cleaning, changing wheels, polishing and painting.

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